"I miss that feeling when you got the mic and they don't!"
Interview by Juiceboxxx
Portrait by Michael Craft

Fuck The False, 2013

I played three or four shows in Germany years ago actually with Melt Banana and they blew my mind every night. So how did you get into punk when you were young?
I got into punk because all these kids in junior high were talking about what they wanted for Christmas. And the kid in front of me in line said he was getting a bass guitar. I was next in line and they asked me, hey dude, what are you gonna get for Christmas? And I didn’t know what the to say. I still have problems talking to people. So since that guy said he was getting a bass guitar, I just said I was getting a bass guitar. And then I kind of, I never thought about it before. I thought hey, maybe I should get one. So then me and my dad were at a pawn shop and the first bass guitar the guy took off the rack had a Dead Kennedys sticker. And I didn’t know what that meant or what it was, I just thought it looked cool. So I went on Napster and I typed in Dead Kennedys and I started downloading a bunch of weird songs. And I had never heard anything like that before in my life. And I said damn, that’s kind of cool. This is weird as hell. They’re spazzing man, and I’m kind of hyperactive. That’s how I got into punk.
I mean the fact that you had that curiosity makes me think that you would have gotten into punk one way or another. But I don’t know if that’s true or not.
[laughter] We’re talking about my entire life and the rest of my life was just based off of a lie and just a random occurrence. If that guy had picked up a different bass, I would not be talking to you right now. None of this would have even possibly even happened. It’s all random.
Yeah, man, you could be right. Well, you know, you should go back to that pawn shop and thank them sometime.
It’s still there.
It’s still there? 
Yeah. I go by it every other day.

From Sex Magazine #10 Spring 2015
Labelled Music