Beebe Woods

By Gabrielle Tillman

Beebe Woods made her first appearance in the food styling world when her Butterfinger Quiche was featured in the Neiman Marcus 2013 Holiday Catalogue. Woods has not strayed from the specialty-foods-on-order fashion. Just as Neiman Marcus offers food for the holidays through catalogue orders, Beebe Woods brings us an early autumn version of holiday appropriate specialty foods.

Riminey's Country Club Lane

Masha's Creepy Pasta


Bobby's Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad

Ciggy One Hitter and White Thigh Highs

Angel Forever ☆ Cold Grass Party Setup Playboy Lighter Included

Demons of Noon 12am Midnight Cake

Ms. Woods' Nightstand Nachos

August Helltown

Glowing Smoked Salmon and Black Grapes

From Sex Magazine #9 Fall 2014
Labelled Food