Best Summer Ever!

"Clarisse had just turned eighteen and was under the intoxicating spell of those first days of freedom."
Written by Coco Young 
Illustrated by Joseph Geagan

"More Mousse au Chocolat please"

She liked being teased. It was the summer of 1967 and Clarisse was vacationing with her parents on the French Riviera. Her family had owned the stone farm where she was staying for three generations already. She had met Martin the previous night at a concert in the small village. He promised he would pay her a visit the next day. Clarisse had just turned eighteen and was under the intoxicating spell of those first days of freedom.

Martin had dark brown hair, which curled more than normal because of the humidity. He rode his blue bicycle over to the farm. On his way, he imagined Clarisse touching herself. When he arrived, he told her about his fantasy as they sat together on her wiry bed during those first few awkward minutes when two people just know that something between them is going to happen. Clarisse blushed a little because she didn’t know what to say. Sometimes when a girl feels awkward she will try to act sexy because her body is a weapon. So she pressed herself against him, her small nipples hard on his skin.

He gently grabbed her ass and closed his eyes. His cock began to harden as he got a wiff of her. She smelled like the sea. He slid his rough hands down her stomach to unbutton her Levis. But remember: she liked being teased. Martin seemed to have intuited this. Her panties were already pretty wet as he placed his hand against them. Behind the cotton, he felt her warmth; she was already burning. Her body was twitching and her back was arching, she wanted his fingers deep inside her. Actually no, she wanted his cock deep inside her. But he wasn’t going to give it to her just yet. She had completely surrendered to him and lost all control.

"Maybe next time she could try riding the cow"

His pants were still on but she kept pressing her hand against his bulge. As she was about to unzip his pants he grabbed her hand and put it against her pussy. He peeled off her panties: he wanted to watch her touch herself.

He moved away a little bit, unzipped his own pants, grabbed his stiff cock and started jerking off. This was happening right above her face, as she was pleasuring herself, she saw the round tip of his cock throbbing. Her clit was swollen with pleasure and desire for more.

Bertha had to read Middlemarch for school but couldn’t concentrate because of all the noise coming from the next room. She hadn’t seen her cousin in about five years and had been looking forward to it all morning during her journey from London. She knew cousin Clarisse would make a great summer companion.

"It would be my honor to dance with you, young man"

Bertha had been reading in one of the sun-filled bedrooms since she had arrived at the farm. The room was almost empty, the thick stone walls and terracotta tiles kept the hot summer air outside. There was a bed, a desk with a vase, a chair, and a fireplace that didn’t work. A kitten had been living in that room and for the past few hours she had warmed Bertha’s thighs, curled up in a little ball on her lap. It was when the sun started setting that she heard the noises from the next room. A girl was moaning and Bertha suddenly couldn’t concentrate on her reading. Intrigued, she gets up to take a peek. The door wasn’t quite shut anyways. It was the first time Bertha had seen anything like this. She felt shame but was mostly hypnotized by the sight.

A boy was touching himself over Clarisse’s face! Clarisse’s tits had gotten so big since the last time she had seen them; they were spread to both sides of her body. Bertha was sweating; she had felt a similar warmth earlier, when the kitten was curled up on her thighs. Bertha’s pussy started to get wet. All of a sudden, the brown haired boy turned his head and caught Bertha’s hungry eyes peaking from behind the cracked door. Clarisse also looked over and the three of them stared at each other for a couple of seconds until Bertha abruptly shut the door. She ran down the cold stone staircase and onto the terrace. The cicadas were for once not loud enough to distract her from what was racing through her mind, the scene she had just witnessed. She picked up a rotting apple that had fallen from the tree and threw it into the dark field.

"This is a safe space, you can tell me anything"

Martin’s cock was harder than ever as he grabbed one of Clarisse’s drooping breasts. He was ready to ravish her. Her skin felt so delicate around her nipple. Her pussy was one of those pussies with extra skin sticking out. He had only seen one like that before. Her hair was blonde and thin; from afar she could have looked bare. Before stuffing his dick inside, he inspected her closely out of admiration. He noticed a few ingrown hairs and the little bumps they cause. He imagined them as sand dunes and Clarisse’s body was the earth. Her vagina was a gigantic volcano ready to erupt.

The next morning Bertha woke up with a headache and her first thought was how boring Middlemarch is. It really is the kind of novel that never ends. When you read it you feel like you might die of old age before you ever get to the end.

Clarisse woke up thinking about the orgasm Martin had given her the night before. She was overwhelmed with hunger. She wanted cereal, toast, eggs, orange juice, everything. She skipped down the cold stairs barefoot into the kitchen.

"The kitten was frightened so she was gentile with her petting"

Bertha wasn’t very hungry so she took a shower before breakfast. When she entered the kitchen, Clarisse had already emptied all of the cereal boxes. She even had a white moustache from finishing the bottle of milk. Bertha asked her where the parents were and Clarisse said that they went hiking for the day. She looked very pretty sitting on the chair playing with her hair, her nightgown was loose and the right strap had fallen from her shoulder. Bertha remembered seeing her cousin’s big tits the day before and blushed a little bit. Clarisse wasn’t thinking about anything beside herself right then. She had already forgotten about Bertha’s intrusion from yesterday, especially because she had better things to think about. Like Martin.

Bertha didn’t mind milking the cow to get more milk because she wanted to be a vet. She took an empty bottle and skipped over to the barn. For some reason, she liked feeling the sharp gravels under her bare feet. The barn smelled really bad, she had forgotten how stinky animals were and thought then that maybe she didn’t want to be a veterinary after all; maybe she should be a doctor like daddy. But something caught her eye. HORSES! Bertha loved horses so! She used to ride when she was younger at the Hyde Park Stables and remembered her parent’s wide smiles when she won that ribbon! What joy! She threw the empty glass bottle in the hay and walked to the tallest and strongest horse. She pet him for a few minutes and felt his nasal exhalation on her soft hand. Without really thinking, she stood on the farm stool, and mounted him bareback.

"Great pleasure can be found looking through old fashion magazines"

She had forgotten she wasn’t wearing panties and was a bit surprised when her bare pussy touched the horses’ hair. She was so excited about riding again that she didn’t care, she will just have to take another shower. She untied the horse and trotted out of the barn. Acres of land were awaiting her! She began to canter and then gallop into the field. Her long dark hair was flying in the air. She loved the control she had over the animal. Her little tits were jumping up and down and her pussy was still rubbing into the horse’s coat. She started to quite like it. As she made the horse go faster and faster, the feeling on her clit became more intense and then something strange happened. An overpowering cloud of feeling entered her; she thought of being in church and feeling god without really understanding him.

The innocent accidental pleasure she found that morning became the leading motivation for the rest of her summer. She would rub her pussy against whatever she could find around the property. She became an avid early morning horse rider and surpassed the level she had gotten to at Hyde Park. Her cousin meanwhile never saw Martin again but started collecting boys like she used to collect dolls, sneaking them in at night while the parents were asleep.

Though they hardly spoke to each other for the rest of the season, Clarisse and Bertha had the best summer ever!

From Sex Magazine #8 Summer 2014
Labelled Erotica