Making Daisy Park

"Falling in love with your cellmate's girlfriend."
By Air Pop 
Introduction by Asher Penn 

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Soundtrack. Before I started working on Daisy I had mostly been focused on music, and I knew it would be a major element of the film. It was a way for everyone to have a lingo and be able to talk to each other about something that they loved. Various genres and music tastes were able to mix in a more real life context as well. It was fun to write lines about the songs I created like, “this is some weak indie shit.” A person’s stance on a song or band can be pretty revealing. As far as making a lot of different sounding music, that was actually pretty easy and I’ve always felt very comfortable writing whatever style I want at any time.

Various Original Props

Props. Creating a whole music world for the characters was crucial to the backbone of the story. I had the soundtrack figured out by making lots of fake bands, but wanted to take that idea even further. Music culture and the exchange of music may be our world’s finest form of communication. It can build friendships and create a new vocabulary overnight. I designed a ton of fake band ephemera: t-shirts, flyers, posters and cell phone cases... pretty fun

Andrew Operating The Drone, Moorpark, CA

Drones. Fuck drones man. My friend Andrew is pretty good at flying them, but still. I appreciate the technology though and I think people will do a lot of cool shit with them. What worked though for the film, was this new view of their environment. You feel super sucked into the rooms and the close contact the whole film, but the ending takes you out of that. I don’t know that I’d intentionally use drones again, haha.

Cali Thornhill Dewitt, Photo: Michael Hernandez

Cali. I’ve been a fan of Cali, both as an artist and a person, and have always thought that he would be amazing in front of the camera. Working with him was a total high point in the process. He totally understood the role and hopped right in. It was really hard not to laugh half the time, Ian and Michael kept laughing too. I found out that him and I grew up on the same street and went to the same high school, pretty wild.

Skype Session With Kyuhee

Audio Dubbing. I knew that I wanted a more old school sound for the dialogue pretty early on. My favorite films are pretty much all overdubbed. I also needed a Korean mother to shout at Daisy through speakerphone. Randomly, I got in touch with my old friend Kyuhee who conveniently has been living in Seoul for the last 5 years or so (thanks internet). We didn’t end up subtitling it, but trust me she’s saying real shit.

Animated Film Still

Shit Talking. A huge part of life is shit talking, haha… Not just amongst women, but guys too. I wanted to write these experimental narration talking points just right. There’s some truth going on in what they’re saying, but in the end they still become an annoyance. They are meant to be anonymous and mysterious. I wasn’t sure exactly how to visualize them, but in the end the noise worked out great. Those specs are actually generated from high-res photographs of my studio’s dirty roof.

Sophia & Ian In 7-11, Photo: Michael Hernandez

7-11. Anyone in California understands the importance of a 7-11, so getting to film there was a fucking blessing. Through some mutual friends I met a buddy whose family owns a couple of them. He hooked it up, and I was able to film there no problem. Even the dude working the counter at the time was cool about it. None of the customers bothered us, it was like too good to be true. Sophia and I only slept about 3 hours the night before too, got really lucky that morning. Sometimes shooting days that sound like logistical nightmares end up going smooth.

Visual Timeline

Editing. So yeah, you come home with all this shit that you filmed, and now you have to sit there staring for hours. There’s no avoiding it. I definitely lost my mind a few times. At one point I was editing with a laptop on my studio roof sitting on a drum chair saying in a Drake voice out loud: “what am I doin’?”. All bad.

iPhone Collage

Apple Trailers. Fuck Doug, man. It’s funny, you look at the Apple Trailers page, and it’s like all garbage. The secret is that you have to show your film in 10-15 different cities and being in festivals can help your chances of getting on their highly looked at page. I should just add a bunch of those dumb leaf symbols next to text in my trailer and try again.

Walking To The Premiere, Sept. 20th, 2014

The Premiere. I wrapped up the film in New York, my first time ever coming to the city. We premiered the film at Anthology Film Archives, a historic theater with great sound. The film looked awesome at such a large scale, damn. It’s been a really crazy year. Watching other people see your film and totally get it is pretty fucking cool. I truly made this film D.I.Y. style and I hope that artists will do the same and create a whole new wave of filmmaking. No one else is gonna do it.

From Sex Magazine #9 Fall 2014
Labelled Film