Editor's Letter

By Asher Penn

When Annie Pearlman emailed me about interviewing Lansing-Dreiden I had never heard of them. Annie went to school in New York the same time I did in Rhode Island and had access to a completely different scene. While I was going to shows at Fort Thunder and seeing Lightning Bolt, Annie was at Rivington Arms seeing Lansing-Dreiden.

Going to Lansing-Dreiden's website for the first time was a special experience. Launched over a decade ago, lansing-dreiden.com  feels like entering an ornate digital tomb- the perfect corpse of a clearly self-posessed operation, thoroughly documented on their own terms. As long as there is the internet, this archive will be available to tell the complete story of Lansing-Dreiden to anyone who takes the time to inspect.

The Korean artist Andeath started her website dailycodi.com as way to record and share her daily clothing combinations. This website expanded into exhibitions, fashion shows and performances, all archived online in real time. It was this site that allowed me to educate myself about Andeath's work, reach out to her to contribute to Sex, and ultimately our interview in this issue.

It is my hope that Sex Magazine could be a similar thing: a real time archive of a spectrum of creative ideas available to anyone who  wants to take the time to look.

I'm alway happy me to hear that anyone reads the magazine, and I'd like to thank you for being here.

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From Sex Magazine #6 Winter 2014
Labelled Life