Editors Letter

By Asher Penn

Loser Magazine, Prop from Air Pop's Daisy Park, 2014

One thing I have noticed lately is that fewer and fewer creative people are willing to identify themselves as anything other than "Artist". Filmmakers, Musicians, Writers, Designers seem to find this classification of what "they do" limiting. It makes sense: By avoiding professional categorization, Artists are free to explore whatever territories they choose with no obligation to follow the norm.

Innovation comes often from a rejection (or better yet, complete ignorance) of the rules that surround a particular industry. Artists, when exploring spaces outside of "art" can be incredibly effective as bringing innovation to otherwise mundane and predictable medium.

The Artists featured and contributing to Sex Magazine Issue #9 are no exception to this phenomenon: individuals willing to engage with classic cultural touchstones such as Photography, Literature and Fashion with a personal freedom that bring new ideas to that context.

The results are inspiring, and it is an honor to publish them.


From Sex Magazine #9 Fall 2014
Labelled Editors Letter