Editors Letter

By Asher Penn

John Michael Boling, Anime Cigarettes Are.na Channel

Research has got to be one of the key pleasures of working on this magazine.

After deciding to interview someone, I often feel a nervous moment of hesitation before delving into their world, unsure of what will be discovered. The process is illuminating as previously unknown works, contexts, and themes reveal themselves. Despite this barrage of information there is never a shortage of questions. Most of the time there are more.

One of the reasons I love the interview format so much is that it allows subjects to speak for themselves. That's why we insist of giving our interviewee’s final edit, a practice that is still pretty rare in journalism today. By receiving their stamp of approval we know that we have created something that goes beyond the subjectivities of opinion and criticism and towards an actual artifact.

Beyond research there is the joy of actually publishing these stories and giving back to this cycle where they started from. Hopefully these new ideas will take a life of their own, inspiring more questions and research.


From Sex Magazine #10 Spring 2015
Labelled Editors Letter