Jim Fletcher

"If you're not assuming the burden of pretending, and yet you are acting, what is acting?"
Interview by Asher Penn 
Portrait by Michael Schmelling

Bernadette Corporation, The Complete Poem, 2011

So it’s like part of it is like breaking down what defines poetry?
Well, it wasn't about deconstruction. It was trying to do the best. It’s important. It’s important to us. It’s like music, it’s kick-ass! It's the best thing. So do it. It helps to have people who you’re with to do it, it’s like, that’s what I mean by, it’s sort of like going into battle, and with the highest possible stakes, and so do it.  We're not trying to outsmart anybody. Far from it. If only we could outsmart whoever, but we can't. It takes everything you've got just to break even. More than everything you've got. You need help.

From Sex Magazine #3 Spring 2013
Labelled Theater