"Games in general feel like such nightmarish visceral messes, no matter how hard they try to conceal it."
Interview by Asher Penn 
Portrait by Porpentine

Rude reptilian Illuminati Babe, 2015

Are you really working on a sequel?
Yeah I’ve been working on Crypt Underworld for the last few months, and am hoping to run a Kickstarter for it soon! So far it's taken a different direction, being more focused on aimlessly wandering overwhelmingly miserable urban zones and building your own little shelter amidst it. I haven't been too focused on other work as a result of working on Crypt Underworld, but I'm hoping to set aside some time in the future to focus on smaller things again. 
How long do your smaller games take normally?

I made "Symbol" in 10 days, "No Escape Saga" in 11 I think, a bunch of other things in a few days.... I deal with a lot of chronic pain issues, so I can only really create in short bursts, in the gaps of time where my body allows. Otherwise I just drag on and never finish stuff because I'm too focused on real-life issues, which has regrettably happened a lot. 
I notice a lot of recurring characters and objects throughout your games. Do you feel like all your games are connected?
A lot of them are extensions of the same themes: I think they occupy spaces that overlap in various ways and over time have coalesced towards similar points, and explored similar ideas. Also, honestly, I reuse a lot of assets because I'm lazy!
I love all the textual symbols. Is it your own secret language?
It started off as one! I was developing my own language, but it got lost among other projects, and mostly just lives on as an aesthetic part of my art…
Does it correspond to the kinds of sounds the characters make when they talk?
No I just like making weird noises!

Lost Town, 2014

From Sex Magazine #10 Spring 2015
Labelled Video Games