Martin Sorrondeguy

"Just good hardcore."
By Johnnie Jungleguts 
Portrait by Mateus Mondini

Limp Wrist, "Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It" EP, 2000

With so much gay visibility happening right now in culture a lot of gay artists are worried about being pigeonholed as gay and that sort of affects the way that they’re making their work.
People worrying about being pigeonholed, I think what they’re worrying too much about is who their audience is, and catering to them versus themselves. With Limp Wrist, we never got that twisted. We’ve always known who we were as a band and we’ve always kind of put that out there without hiding it. It’s a part a who we are. The thing is that we would never, ever, ever be able to get away from that ever, nor would we try. If there’s a write up about me, even if it’s about my photography, they’re like, “Martin Sorrondeguy, lead singer of a gay punk band” and I’m completely comfortable with that. We’re not stuck playing just gay venues, like gay bars. If that was that case, we would’ve been done forever ago because we know that a gay venue is not normally the sort of setting for a band like Limp Wrist. We made our shows happen on our own terms. Nobody’s going to shun us, we’re not getting shut out of anything because we’ve created everything on our own.
You’re right. I never realized that about Limp Wrist.
I think if you’re an artist and you’re really good at what you do, if you really focus and you’re passionate about it, put everything you’ve got into it, people will see that. With music or whatever, just go for it. Just do it. I say just stop worrying about what everyone’s going to say or think. Just fucking do what you do, and do it well. 
That’s how you find your audience.
I mean, as far as our audience goes, it’s been all over the place. Lately there has been a lot of trans people at our shows, and I think it’s awesome. When we played New York and the East Coast, there was a big trans presence, and I was excited by that cause you have these total like straight kind of hardcore dudes, and then you got this pocket of like completely trans people and they’re standing right next to each other.
Yeah it’s a pretty rare thing.

Los Crudos live in Argentina, 2013

From Sex Magazine #5 Fall 2013
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