No Neck Blues Band

"The poetry that is involved in NNCK is not a poetry that I would expect anyone else to understand or read as poetry, but it is poetry to me. Therefore I will address it as such."
by Asher Penn

Still from AT 6AM WE BECOME THE POLICE, Adam Mortimer, 2009

You guys have been together for almost 20 years. That is a long time for any project.
It has been really interesting to watch what has happened in 20 years. For us there is something that runs through that 20 years that is NNCK and we think that it is worth something. I don’t think it would really ever stop.
Do you guys think of NNCK in terms of music or sound?
In making it I think we have come upon some music. There has been music that has occurred based on our efforts to open up the possibilities of sound. Music came pretty slowly.There was an understanding of how we heard what was happening. I could hear a show start before anything happened. I could hear it begin in what the noises in the room were and it would take no effort on the part of the group to fall into that sound. The evolution of it musically took fine tuning, being able to hear what it was that was happening. Then all of a sudden music is available, totally possible. You can just fall in and we have fallen in before. We don’t stay there. It is not important for us to continue to make what other people would recognize as music, but it does happen.  
What is improvisation to you?
It comes with connotations that sounds like an exercise. We would base our music on what I would call an impulse.
From Sex Magazine #1 Fall 2012
Labelled Music