Noodle Beaches For Meeting Witches

By Alex Patrick Dyck

Surfing sexy grandma Greem dream drum machine in golden chain dangles and dolphin doorknockers

Noodle Beaches for Meeting Witches began in the summer of 2012, by Greem Jellyfish and myself,Alex Patrick Dyck. We decided to create a group of our artist friends that had previously not had a voice, a group that was primarily women and therefore had a feminine viewpoint. Greem and I first became close because we would hang out at the beach. Our first show was in the late spring, we were dreaming of the ocean, so we knew that we wanted our group to be centered on our beach experience. It's where we let loose, take our clothes off, share food, drink and music with friends, and let our freak flags fly. Greem named the group Noodle Beaches for Meeting Witches. It encompassed so many of the things we shared and wanted to express: the beach experience, our heritage, the sharing of food and drink, a place to make friends and build a home/community, a way to meet others with our same interests, the mystical, visceral and spiritual experience that we feel by joining together as women and as artists in nature.Before every show we visit Fort Tilden, Glass Beach, the rivers, lakes and state parks that have become our escapes from NYC. We enjoy the cool waters, warm sun and collect materials for our pieces. These photos are from some of our earliest excursions this Summer.

Our 8th show, Small Worlds of the Claiming Moon, is coming up July 11th at Signal Gallery in Bushwick, on the eve of the full moon. We are building a village of individual zones that one can explore, get inside of, worship the height of Summer and all the bounty it brings. We will honor the sun, the moon, the earth, our universe and our ancestors. Blessed be!

Stefania steps into my office for the treatment, gets that Thai beaded carwash and all-seeing lady lumps.

Riding that rainbow freak breeze alien boi Jacer Racer wants you to take him to your dealer.

Greem Jellyfish never leaves the house without that slick stocking style.

Beach crew Deadly Eagle Donzi gleaning beach art gems donning fluorescent pukas and goddess tears chest peace.

Jacer feels the cool ocean breeze inspiration for songs and poems

Goddess mama wifey McNutt with a moon on her shoulder and a tassel on her crown in wild child furs, mirrored sheer shawl and Krystal Mysteries jewels.

Alexandra's bridal bear altar, my wife for life, the best of friendsn

Mi cholita Jessie, black and white baby, in flea market beads, yin yang kanji and Krystal Mysteries gems.

From Sex Magazine #8 Summer 2014
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