Noodle Beaches For Meeting Witches

By Alex Patrick Dyck

Who wants to get their butt painted? I can always count on my girl Lou, feeling the cool slick lick of a brush on her buns while gazing 'pon Noodle Lake

Half-sandwich Helwig vibing on the greenery in Stoned Agin all camo everything at Noodle State Park. Maybe if he blends into the scenery he'll never have to go home to the city

Stoned Agin Jenny Jen and sun-darkened Dyck on the banks of Noodle Riv warming up with hot rocks under a cloud-filled sky

Lindsey Lou is getting married to the beach rocking wifey's wedding shawl and party store garland crown. Mazel Tov!

Alien queen mother Slor lord embraced by the baby boy Jacer, feelin that beach love.

Bb Jace rockin a UFHoe magic mushroom mani

Jah Clown Baby Johnny pon d ocean stump, mon,/span>

Al P Dyck's collection of baby doo doos. She had a dream that Jenny gave her a BEACH stick n pokey, had to make that dream come true! Bout that psychedelic experience!

Dycky riding that boogie board to the moon. Clownin' out in grey scale Americana, dat purp fringed flower and Aaliyah-era Tommy Hilfiger

From Sex Magazine #8 Summer 2014
Labelled Fashion