You know: Everybody loves to do the peace sign. Asian people love it especially what else are you gonna do when someone holds up a camera at you ? word is that it parallels your body in a way that unconsciously make you look more likable pre-planking post internet live long live strong Peace!
Photography by Korakrit Arunanondchai


2012, Prentis Hall Columbia University

2008, Nospace Gallery, Bangkok

2010, Marcy J train, 1am

2009, infront of that awful bar Kenmare

2005, Harvard Square

2012, Maine

2006, Singapore, Bathroom

2010, Siam Square, Bangkok

2011, Dia Beacon, "Franz Erhard Walther: Work as. Action"

2012, Home, Just bleached my hair

2009, Mexico, Pyramid of the Sun

2012, LOST Island

2012, vegas pool

From Sex Magazine #2 Winter 2012
Labelled Photography