By Jessica Williams

The sky had turned from pink to indigo as I headed north, surrounded by the night. Alameda Street stretched in front of me like a daydream in hyper color. "So fucking beautiful”, I said to myself, maybe out loud, and turned up the music. Up ahead in the abandoned field, a circus tent candy striped in the sunset, and carnival rides. At the red light, I made a video of the ferris wheel twinkling and spinning circles. I hummed along in the background. "It don't come eaaaaasyyy..." I watched and erased it at the gas station. Inside, talk of a heat wave and the Santa Anas on the radio. I wandered past the energy drinks and iced tea. You had texted me earlier in the week, a picture of bright puffy clouds in a clear blue sky. "Where?" I'd asked. "Power Zen" condoms were displayed in small gold packages behind the plexiglass. Smart Water. American Spirits. Outside, smoke rose lazily from the factories on Fruitland Ave, and slowly disappeared. Downtown gleamed silver in the distance. My phone lit up. "Did you move??" I sent back a picture, smiling in front of the smoke clouds. "Back in LA :)"

Beverly Boulevard

Burton Way

Benton Way

Angels Point

Elysian Park

Lake Avenue

Alameda Street

Sierra Bonita Avenue

Soto Street

Sunset Boulevard

From Sex Magazine #9 Fall 2014
Labelled Photography