Sleeping Fashion Story (Melatonin)

"Life asks for more then I can givE. we fell asleip dressed and woke up naked. Yuo talk in your drams."
By Amalia Ulman

Brown tTousers with back zips (Miu Miu) Beige Top (Issey Miyake)

Beige jeans (Helmut lang) Beige top (Schuhtutehemd)

Pink Silk Skirt (Helmut Lang) Pink shirt (Levi's)

Golden two piece suit (Inspiration Elegant Style)

White jacket with mao collar (Kenzo), Beige Trousers (Issey Miyake)

Vintage Kimono (Schuhtutehemd) Blue cap (Spanish Euro Store)

Lavender Design Duvet Cover (Zeeman), White Cotton Dungaree Mini-Dress (Humana)

White Lehman Brothers Hoodie (ebay), Magnum Desert Boots (ebay), White jeans (Sonderposten Verkauf Import Export)

Beige Shorts (Wi Spa), Beige Cardigan (Second Hand), American Flag Grey Socks (Euro Store)

From Sex Magazine #4 Summer 2013
Labelled Fashion