The Simplerer Life

The one, she whipping the dirt with a rope. She screaming for the earth to buckle, for the beetle to emerge  and L.eave U.rth R.etard ;-v
Photograohy & Styling by Raffaella Hanley & Alex Field 
Models: Sabina Friedman-Seitz & Sophie Friedman-Pappas

Sophie Wears: Turtleneck by Balenciaga, Basketball Shorts by Reebok, Tennis Racket by Head, Running Shoes by Mizuno

Sophie Wears: Customized Dress by Stella McCartney for Adidas, Second Hand Long Sleeve Cropped Shirt, Running Shoes by Mizuno
Sabina Wears: Vintage Hat, Spaghetti-Strap Tank by Vince, Bra by Victoria's Secret, Jeans by Paris Blues, Shoes by Marc Jacobs

Sabina Wears: Camouflage Shirt by Old Navy, Shear Shirt by Tom Scott, Shorts by Alexander Wang, Running Shoes by Mizuno 
Sophie Wears: T-Shirt by Calvin Klein, Athletic Pants by Nike

Sabina Wears: Linen Shirt by Sag Harbor, Inside Out Slacks by Quicksilver
Sophie Wears: Thermal Shirt by Eddie Bauer, Bra By Cassabella, Khaki Shorts by Volcom

Sabina Wears: 1950s Night Gown, Pajama Bottoms by Disney, Bra by Victoria's Secret, Mesh Hoodie by Sun Casuals, Shoes by Marc Jacobs
Sophie Wears: Vintage Shear Dress, Leggins by Tape Measure, Bra by Cassabella, Sunglasses by Oakley

From Sex Magazine #1 Fall 2012
Labelled Fashion