Thunder Zone Tour 2K13

"Classic Tour!"
Introduction by Juiceboxxx 
Tour Diary by David Wightman 

Poster made by Bri Guy Aka comic artist Brian bluemerth. Show was moved FYI.


Woke up. Met the rest of the crew at this hot dog place in downtown Detroit.  Crossed the border into Canada. Played at Double Double land. Schwarz ruled the magical night.  People were freaking out to his remixes.  At the end of the night he played “I don’t wanna miss a thing “ by Aerosmith.  Everyone sang every word and there was not a dry eye in the house. These drunken people were talking to Jacob for two hours and then finally he realized they thought he was videographer/animator Peter Burr lol. Whoops. Canadian David spilled a beer on me so from now on I smell like an English Stout.


Drove to Buffalo.  Started feeling crazy again but it was good to be back in “the states” where I could text and tweet at will.  Someone did a version of “In C” for laptop which while I appreciate the gesture they basically destroyed the piece.  I guess that’s kind of interesting? Rapper Jack Topht performed. I’m really glad there is someone out there doing what he does.  He is a great live performer. I couldn’t stop laughing.


Played in a garage.  Pizza and Beer doth flow.  Then this guy showed up with all these micro brews. Six mini kegs of Old English porters and libations I had never even heard of. Nick Painter’s brother “K Gerard Pointer Jr.” was there and was heckling Schwarz while he was DJing.  It was heartwarming to see das family. Our van got blocked in because the sound guy locked his keys in his truck behind us.  So we sat around in the garage forever talking to these guys in a Florida death metal band.  Finally got out and Jacob drove us back to his house.

Thunder Zone Tour Documentary Part 4


Before leaving Pittsburgh Jacob took us to D’s, my favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh.  Ordered a salad and fries and two veggie dawgs.  Drove to Baltimore.  Show was moved to the Crown.  One of my friends from graduate school showed up. I was sad to let him down with our performance :’( Slept in this room with a constant buzzing noise.  At first we thought it was going to be a problem but it turned out to be quite comforting.


This place was weird because it used to be the Mad Decent head quarters.  Walked to Wawa but ended up going to the bahn mi place around the corner.  The 20-piece Reggae band that was supposed to play cancelled.  The venue had a Red Bull mini fridge, which we used to sell the Thunder Zone energy. It actually worked and boosted sales through the roof. 

Andrew Jeffrey Wright did some live art during our set.  A lot of old school heads showed up which was touching.  After the gig we drove back to NYC through the night giddy on peanut M&Ms. Dropped everyone off in Bushwick and then drove to New Jersey to return the rental van.

11/17- NEW YORK, NY @ 285 KENT

Last show of the tour. Mind Dynamics played on the floor.  There was lots of space to move around.  Jacob did visuals for Dark Sister.  They played a great song that sampled Primus “My Name is Mud” (apparently produced by Mike from the Thunder Zone band).  Afterwards we went to a local watering hole that serves free pizza with each pint!

Andrew Jeffrey wright's live graffiti from the Philadelphia show. A climactic ending to Extrmem Animals' set!

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us on this tour. Thanks to everyone who put up with me.

From Sex Magazine #7 Spring 2014
Labelled Music