Venus X

"I didn't look for hip hop because I grew up around it. I was looking for something else."
Interview by Asher Penn 
Portrait by Brayden Olsen

Venus X, Bodega Bamz & Worlds Fair at GHE20G0TH1K, 2013

So since Grand Street shut down it’s just been you? You don’t have a partner anymore?
Yeah, I've been doing everything by myself. That's why I use different venues— like SOB’s, Santos, Westway, these spaces in Bushwick—they’ve got their own system in place. I don't have to run the bar. I can't really do the consistent warehouse party like I used to.My homie was really responsible for holding down that illegal venue so I could make sure that everybody feels good and that all the right people are in place, working and playing.
How has the internet played a role in all this happening?
Oh my God, the internet was my MetroCard. I could go anywhere and I could talk to anybody. I could book people. I could listen to music on YouTube from all over the world. I could download things from anywhere.
It was also the way people learned about GHE20G0TH1K.
Kids were watching us build the party, watching how I would do the invites, taking inspiration from the lineups and stuff like that. It created a very loose but very clear network of people around the world that felt the same thing. They were all about the same age, they all had the same kind of influences from just being young at the same time. It was cool. GHE20G0TH1K was really one of the pioneers of bridging this internet generation with a real experience, which is something that kids are struggling with. How do you materialize all that shit you do online? And how do you meet up with those people that you talk to all fucking day? Come to GHE20G0TH1K. Go be there.

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From Sex Magazine #4 Summer 2013
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