Sex Magazine is excited to announce a photo competition for our upcoming issue: Dick Selfie.

What is a Dick Selfie?

A Dick Selfie is a self-portrait of a dick, often taken with a camera phone. There are all sorts of Dick Selfies out there, and we’re looking for the best ones.

For this competition we’ve created a Submission Form where our readers can anonymously submit their Dick Selfies. All Dick Selfie competitors will receive a free Dick Selfie Pin. Winners will receive a Dick Selfie winner t-shirt and will have their images published in issue 3 of Sex.

Some things we take into consideration while looking at your Dick Selfie:

  • Lighting
  • Cropping
  • Location
  • Digital Effects
  • Props
  • Clothing
  • Humor

Also fake names (please, no real names) and titles of Dick Selfies are important so be creative!

  • No faces
  • No photos of someone else’s dick
  • Only 5 entries per applicant
  • Photos must be vertical
  • Photos must be 625 pixels wide

For inspiration, we’ve started a new tumblr:


*Dick Selfie logo made with Dick Face