Blasted Trip

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Seoul 서울

*Blasted Trip* 사랑하는 님찾아 떠난 여정, 길에서 일어나고, 생각나는 건 오직하나뿐, 그대의 웃음, 기억을 더듬어 찾아간 정릉, 정릉가는 길에 스님이 108번 절하라써, 숫자가 많이 내게 이야기를 주더라, 땀흘리고, 쓰러질듯한 머릿결로, 정를서 입장료 1000원, 길에서 깨었을때 있는것은 죽어가는 핸드폰, 님에게 연락할 고리뿐, 1000원 엄서 발도 몬네, 아줌마 아저씨 커피마시는데서 오랜친구 한번본 친구 노란 아저씨, 12000원 첨으로 …

Seoul, Seoul

* Blasted Trip * beloved by the left to find the journey’s happening on the road, the only thing I can think of only one, but thy laugh, went Jeongneung memory lane, way Jeongneung monk writing section. 108 times, a number much to talk to me And although, Admission 1000 jeongreul standing, and when she woke up on the road in a dying cell phone, hair, sweat, fall jildeut be contacted by a ring, but won eomseo 1000 Valdosta monne old friend, drinking coffee Auntie uncle deseo once this friend, a yellow uncle, 12000, cats and dogs …

by Greem Jellyfish

In Limbo, NJ. Diary Entry 1

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we always had a ghetto ass small garbage can. it was always a weird teal colored half broken embarrassing garbage can. my mom bought a real garbage can and i was like wow, we really got a new garbage can, finally, its like really big and not broken and normal and new and it doesnt look like it will break for a long time. i was a kid though and it didnt occur to me that we never replaced it with the new one but i found it yesterday deep deep DEEP in the garage. and inside were all my stuffed animals (that i only enjoyed for a short period) because my mom had put them all in the new garbage can when i was a child!!!!!!! i had so much fun with u Garfields!!! they are SO CLEAN and unharmed. MY TOYs!!!!

by Maggie Lee

Firecracker Recipe

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Almond butter
Grass- fine ground
Some regular butter mixed into almond
Apple slices
Make a sandwich with the apple slices and almond butter paste
Wrap in tinfoil
160 degrees 20 min in the oven!

by Nik Kosmas

Ass Backwards

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a publication seeking writing and images about your ass or somebody else’s.
writing a haiku about your favorite ass encouraged
send submissions to:
p.o. box 3469
providence, ri 02909