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You marry your illness, every time
Stockholm syndrome dies harder
You pick a god figure
You work with what u have
You sink and accept the sinking
You drive a car through a fence
You mark yourself with p
Ride. You are a target and you are desired.
You liken it to drinking in the drivers seat.
The best place to have a beer.
You are clever. You are arrogant. But you are wrong. You are a
Passenger in a drivers seat. You undrive. You undrink.
You watch yourself die on a television from the corner in a bar.
u smoke funny
You suck
You die

By Bunny Rogers


Poetry fb like tweet

Dear Sex Magazine Readers,

I’m teaching a poetry workshop starting October 10. This will be a rather rigorous constraint driven class exploring environmental conditions for reading and a number of software platforms and cataloging systems at the museum. Some attention to perfume and cookbooks. Work will be conducted in various scales, from the miniature to the extra large. The course will explore writing in ambient environmental settings as well as “paratextual” arenas, with some attention to footnotes, indexes, wikis, and bibliographies. Classes are 3 hours long and the entire class will be filmed. This is the first poetry workshop held at the museum and it will make use of some of the museums’ collections.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions,

Tan Lin