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Directed by Jean Langkau

“Shared Dirt” is a single from Pamela_ and her sons’ Golden Paradise EP, soon to be released on Truly Bald Records in April 2018. The video features the Atlanta-based collaborative duo Port Conjunctive (Kai Cherot and Beha Flickinger, FKA Vaguebabies) on a psycho-geographic adventure, adorned in the costume designs of Eva M. Nelson. Tethered to one another by rope at the waist and neck, the two are pushed and pulled across astringent landscapes, playful in their boundedness. This video work is in some ways a continuation of previous performances done by Port Conjunctive to poetically interrogate systems of (anti-black) oppression and historicity through movement and painting, using their bodies as a site of elaborative struggle. In other ways, the performance reflects the nature of intimacy, desire, and co-dependency as suggested in the disembodied and fractured reimagining of the classic “Here, There, and Everywhere.” Pamela_’s version maintains only a skeletal reference to the original Beatles track, a haunted departure into the gaps between romantic ideation and reality.