Sex Life Show at Bodega, Philadelphia

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Greem Jellyfish, Your Warmhearted Embrace, 2012

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Nik Kosmas, Absolute Vitality Inc. Almond Butter Fire Crackers, 2012

Julien Ceccaldi, Purple Finger-Biting Tote Bag, Asphalt Chains Tank Top, Yellow Half-Cornrows Cropped T-shirt, Shopping & On the Go T-shirt, Pregnant Glitzy Diva Mint Tank Top, Still Life Bermuda Short, all 2012

Raffaella Hanley, Baby Lou Vol. 1, 2012

Al Baio, IMMA LEO, 2012

Boško Blagojević, Antipatterns, 2012

Raul de Nieves, A Bery Bad BB (self), 2010-2012

Devin Kyle Cuthbertson, The blood that sings on my skin to make us younger, 2012

Devin Kyle Cuthbertson, Boring Skinhead, 2012

Devin Kyle Cuthbertson, Covenant House, 2012

Nathan Whipple, Doggies at Night, 2012

Alex Vivian, Untitled, 2012

Eckhaus Latta, Afterward A/W 2012, 2012

Death Ahn, Boochoolama Chorus Lyric Book + Drawing, 2012

Rhett LaRue, Comic Book Portraits: Nadir, Mars, Wit, all 2012

Rachel Beth Glaser, Floppy Guitars, 2009

Dan Bodan, Music Videos: Aaron (2012), Land of Girls (2011), What’s So New (2011),

Keaton Ventura, Wet Looks, 2011

Jesse Spears, The Best of Notes, 2012

Grant Falardeau, The Tales of Momsin Cloud, 2009

Air Pop, Untitled, 2012

Gobby, Top row left to right: Doughnut Mouth 2011, Call Me (XL Tshirt) 2010, untitled 2012, In the City 001 2012 Bottom row left to right: untitled 2012, Last Page Detritus #0 2010, Peach & Lemon 2012, New Balance Left Sneaker 2011

Jeanne Boyer, Wasting All, 2012

Bunny Rogers, O Columbine (Wo ist mein bruder), 2012

Analisa Teachworth, Endless Movement, Video, PDF, 2012

Annie Pearlman, Stepping in Red (2012), Close 2 Dreams (2011), Scene and Heard (2012)

Nick Payne, Left to Right, Top to Bottom: pepper platter, peeping tom, doggie tail, bitchmeister, handyman, pluggly wuggly, chatter box, spider larva, henry anne, monkeys, pearls, piercings and ponytails, chonki’s world 1, ding dong, chonki’s world 5, tickle time, 2008-2012

Maggie Lee, Video Salad TV with Video Salad, 2009-2012

Nick Paynenightvision, 2012

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