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Through the glass revolving door, I entered the large space with full of people with big cameras and sports jackets. They were speaking foreign languages. There were some cool framed design works on the wall that showed what kind of exhibitions were happening in side of the museum. It was so big, clean, marble, sunny and rectangular. I paid no attention to the people or the gift shop but walked straight to the membership concierge. The warm temperature inside of the big building was making my body sweaty. I biked from Soho which For the irritation of heat, I took my coat off but I did’t bother to go to the coat check. I would never wait the long line at MoMA anymore. I showed my school ID to the staff. I was nervous if she was going to say I could not enter because they did accept my school or I didn’t look like my picture in my ID or she was having a irrational work mood. I was just imagining all the possibilities that was not possible because she would stare at my ID then my face back and force. She made me very nervous. Unlike my irritation, she handed the ticket to me without looking at me. I said thank with smile although she wasn’t nice, hoping she would lose her tense. Paper and pencil on my left hand, coat on my right hand, and the free ticket on my lips I walked towards to the other interaction with a man in suit. He scanned my free ticket with his little machine. The machine made a b-i-p sound and he agreed that I could enter the line. I have a desire to go to the garden and sit next to Rodin. However, there are too many people and only the space I could walk was toward right. I asked myself if I needed an audio guide. I don’t answer to my question and kept walking.

The video is very hypnotic. I’m questioning if the theme of this gallery is about the self discipline hypnotic video.

The first video I saw at the same gallery and felt in love with MoMA was a video of a fighter fighting to his own shadow. It was also loop. He was fighting and fighting non-stop with his own shadow.

By Greem Jellyfish.